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Lori Brooke

LORI BROOKE is co-founder of RescueSF and a community organizer with over 20 years of experience leading and coordinating individuals, organizations, and city agencies to work together towards common goals. Lori currently serves as President of the Cow Hollow Association (“CHA”), which represents the interests of Cow Hollow residents with federal, state, and local governmental agencies whose decisions directly affect our quality of life. CHA is widely recognized as one of the most active, strategic, and effective neighborhood organizations in the City. Through her work with CHA, Lori co-founded RescueSF in order to bring residents’ voices into policy discussions of homelessness. Lori is a member of Better Way CA, a non-profit dedicated to finding a path for housing all Californians. Lori has worked in business development for the Napa Valley Film Festival. Earlier in her career, Lori worked in technology sales and training. Lori holds a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara.

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