What We Are Doing


To solve the seemingly intractable problems that are rotting our city, we are implementing a strategy that combines evidence-based solutions with people-powered activism.

  • We are forming a coalition of residents from every neighborhood in the city.

  • We are evaluating best practices from cities across the country in order to identify solutions that could work here in San Francisco.

  • We are developing alliances with other organizations to fight for a shared vision.

  • We are directing public pressure on political leaders to adopt policies that will work. We will look for successful strategies in San Francisco and support people who are on the right track.

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What You Can Do

Effective change will come only if we make it happen, ourselves. We have to be more personally engaged on the issues that matter to us, and we must hold our political leaders accountable for results. We are looking for effective solutions and will work with people who are moving in the right direction. 


To be successful, we need people-powered activism. Please join RescueSF by signing up to receive updates.  We will keep you informed of our efforts and let you know about opportunities to get involved like:

  • participating in our


  • contributing ideas

  • making phone calls

  • sending emails

  • attending public hearings

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