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To address the seemingly intractable problem of homelessness, we are advocating for a compassionate, three-pronged approach:

  • First, End Street Sleeping.  We must urgently end the crisis and suffering on our streets.  If a natural disaster left thousands of San Franciscans without a home, we would marshall our resources to move everyone to shelter.  We should have the same urgency in ending street sleeping.  We strongly believe that the solution for homelessness is permanent housing.  However, the waiting line for permanent housing cannot be on our streets.

  • Second, Keep People Housed.  It is not enough to help people move off of our streets.  As we help people leave homelessness, we have to stop the flow of more people into homelessness.  We support a broad array of policies to assist people at risk of losing their housing, to create more permanently affordable housing, and to make new construction less expensive.

  • Third, Address Behavioral Health Needs.  According to the most recent survey of San Francisco’s unhoused residents, the most frequently reported health conditions were drug and alcohol abuse (42%), psychiatric or emotional conditions (39%), and post-traumatic stress disorder (39%).  People must have the safety and stability of housing to begin to address these behavioral health needs.  We support the City’s efforts to provide additional behavioral health care services to unhoused residents.

RescueSF is developing specific proposals in each of these three policy areas.

What You Can Do

Effective change will come only if we make it happen, ourselves. We have to be more personally engaged on the issues that matter to us, and we must hold our political leaders accountable for results. We are looking for effective solutions and will work with people who are moving in the right direction. 


To be successful, we need people-powered activism. 

Please join us by signing up for updates, making a donation and visiting our current advocacy opportunities page.

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