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RescueSF is a citywide coalition of residents advocating for compassionate and effective solutions to homelessness in San Francisco.

Our Mission

Our Approach

RescueSF is pursuing a compassionate, three-pronged approach:  first, end street sleeping; second, keep people housed; and third, address behavioral health needs. We work with approximately 45 neighborhood associations across all eleven of San Francisco’s electoral districts.  We are non-partisan, and we look to data and best practices to find out what works.  We organize residents, collaborate with other stakeholders, and advocate for effective policies.  


We are working on the following initiatives:

  • Interim Shelter: use transitional shelter to bring people off the streets while waiting for permanent housing

  • Data Management: increase accountability and transparency in the City’s data and metrics regarding homelessness

  • Street Conditions:  improve street conditions by offering services and housing to unhoused residents and using law enforcement to address illegal drug sales

  • Construction Costs: use streamlined administrative procedures, flexible financing, and creative construction techniques to produce housing faster and at lower cost

  • Development Alignment: promote collaboration among residents and builders on solutions within neighborhoods

  • Behaioral Health:  increase the availability of long-term treatment beds for people dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues

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