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It is time to end homelessness
in San Francisco

We believe that when San Francisco residents unite their voices, we can break through the barriers that are unnecessarily prolonging the suffering of unhoused people on our streets and having significant impacts on residential and commercial corridors in our neighborhoods. 


RescueSF has built a citywide coalition of residents advocating for compassionate and effective solutions to homelessness in San Francisco. We are engaged with more than 45 neighborhood associations and community benefit districts across all eleven of the city’s electoral districts. We are independent, non-ideological, and non-partisan. 


Residents now have a voice and unique opportunity to influence public policy in San Francisco.  Below are six initiatives that could help the City implement a more comprehensive and effective approach to addressing homelessness.


Number of homeless people in San Francisco

(PIT Count 2022)

Time is TBD

End Street Sleeping

Use transitional shelter cabins to bring people off the streets, today, and provide robust supportive services to help people find permanent paths out of homelessness. 

Connect People to Care

Increase the availability of long-term treatment beds for people dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Stop Open-Air Drug Trafficking & Usage

Improve street conditions by offering services and shelter to address open-air drug use and by employing law enforcement to address illegal drug sales.

Keep People Housed

Use streamlined administrative procedures, flexible financing, and creative construction techniques to produce housing faster and at lower cost.

Improve Data Management

Improve the City's collection, analysis, and review of data to promote greater accountability, transparency, and effectiveness in the City’s policies.

Promote Regional Cooperation

Provide a resident backbone throughout the Bay Area to support intergovernmental cooperation.

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