San Francisco is decaying before our eyes

Homelessness has overtaken our streets. The crisis is deepening while our city government spends hundreds of millions of dollars with no effective, proven solution for helping the unhoused and preventing more homelessness — whether due to lack of means, mental illness, addiction, or a combination. 

Property crime batters our neighborhoods. While city departments squabble internally, shrug and point fingers, the lack of accountability and rotating door justice system encourage blatant crime sprees in every neighborhood.


We want clean and safe streets

RescueSF is a coalition of residents from across the city, and we seek to improve the quality of life for all San Franciscans. We are working on behalf of everyone in our city — people who live and work here and people who visit.

We are calling for change

San Franciscans feel they have no voice and are helpless to solve the city’s problems. But we are convinced that, together, our voices will be heard.


We call on our government to address the suffering of the thousands of people living on our streets and their impact on everyone else. We also demand that our government stand up to the crime wave that has left our streets increasingly unsafe. 

Learn more about our action plan.


Number of homeless people in San Francisco

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Speaker Series: Emily Cohen, Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing
Speaker Series: Louis Chicoine, CEO, Abode Services

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