Compassion and Frustration:
Neighborhoods struggle with homelessness

Our city government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on homelessness, but the crisis continues to deepen year after year.  As San Francisco helps the homeless leave the streets, even more people are falling into homelessness and taking their place. 

The pandemic has brought the crisis to depths that were previously unimaginable.  Thousands of unhoused San Franciscans are suffering on our streets.  Many of them are in poor health, often with mental health and substance abuse problems.  While the homeless struggle to survive, tent encampments are having a destructive impact on our neighborhoods.  Many neighborhoods are becoming unsafe and unlivable. 


We want to end homelessness now


RescueSF is a coalition of residents from across the city, and we seek to end homelessness now.  We have had enough of plans and promises that do not deliver results.  It is not acceptable to manage the crisis and accept homelessness as a normal part of city life.  If we want to end homelessness, we must help people experiencing homelessness to leave the streets, and we must prevent more people from becoming homeless in the future.

We are calling for change

San Franciscans feel they have no voice and are helpless to solve the city’s problems. We want to change that. As we come together, our voices will be heard.


We call on our government to address the suffering of the thousands of people living on our streets and their impact on everyone else.

Learn more about our action plan.


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