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How you can help end street sleeping!

  1. Email the Mayor and Supervisors - easy form below

  2. Provide public comment for Supervisor Hearing on 3/21 - instructions below

  3. Read RescueSF Report on cost-effective shelter and housing

Public Comment Instructions



The Board’s hearing on “A Place for All” is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. on March 21.  Here is the agenda




If you are in the Supervisors’ Chambers, when the Clerk opens public comment, join the line to give comment.  The “live” speakers in the chambers will go first.  See below for public comment template.


If you are participating remotely, give public comment over the phone:

  • Dial 415-655-0001 

  • At the prompt enter this Meeting ID:  2491 942 2643, then press # # to join the conference line.  

  • When the Clerk opens Public Comment, press * 3 on your keypad to join the queue to give public comment.

You can watch the live stream of the hearing on SFGovTV




Shorter is better.  Public comment will be limited to one minute.


"Good afternoon President Peskin and members of the Board of Supervisors:


My name is [your name].  I [add your personal details e.g, “live in xxx neighborhood or  District xx”  … “I am active with xxxx organization.”  … “I own/work at a business in xxxx commercial district”.]  


I urge you to fund 2,000 new shelter beds in next year’s budget.  I personally have seen the effects of street sleeping on individuals in my community.  With more than 4,000 unsheltered people living on our streets, adding 2,000 beds would immediately enable more people to sleep inside.  


We also need cost-effective housing solutions to move people into housing and open up those shelter beds for the people still on our streets.  


I oppose the City’s $1.4 billion plan. Instead of spending vast sums on building or buying expensive housing, the City should use proven methods to subsidize apartment rentals for people leaving homelessness.  


No more business as usual.  Treat homelessness like a natural disaster.  I demand effective and compassionate action on ending this crisis.  Thank you."


After you complete your statement, please hang up your phone.  You can continue watching the hearing via streaming video on SFGOVTV.

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