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Juthaporn Chaloeicheep

Formerly Homeless & Community Advocate

JUTHAPORN CHALOEICHEEP is a San Francisco resident and community leader. She was born and raised in Bangkok and immigrated with her family to the United States at 9. In her early twenties, while in college, Juthaporn became addicted to drugs, and for the next twenty years she experienced homelessness and drug addiction.  Both before and during her homelessness, Juthaporn had six children, and she lost custody to all but one of them.  During her homelessness, she spent time in and out of jail for selling drugs. After serving a year in jail, Juthaporn decided to make changes in her life, and she found a stabilization program and a path to housing.  She said, "Housing the homeless is the easy part.  Rehabilitation of the person is the hard part." Juthaporn has gone back to school and is making plans for a career.  She said, "Homelessness is an experience.  When I got that second chance, I wanted to show people that you can make it back.  I have been able to come back because of the kindness and compassion of San Francisco residents."

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