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Interim Shelter: End Street Sleeping, Now

The solution for homelessness is permanent housing, and the waiting line for that housing cannot be on our streets.

Interim Housing Village in North Hollywood

Even with the addition of hundreds of millions of Prop C dollars to the City’s budget, San Francisco will not be able to provide enough permanent housing for all of the unhoused San Franciscans who need it. If nothing more is done, the City will continue to see thousands of people left unsheltered, sleeping on our streets, for years. We do not accept street homelessness as a normal part of urban life.

Although ending homelessness will take years, we can end street sleeping, now. We are recommending that the City provide unhoused residents with interim shelter until permanent housing becomes available. While living in interim shelter, residents can receive case management services to address health needs, find employment, and obtain permanent housing. This is already a best practice in other cities - view webinar on San Jose's success - "Interim Housing: Is it a Game Changer for Housing the Homeless?"

  • The City should offer unhoused residents interim shelter cabins on city-owned or leased land.

  • Shelter cabins are private, safe, and comfortable, as well as cost-effective for the City to operate.

  • The rooms are seventy-two square feet, with insulated walls, electricity, a bed, a table and chair, and heating and air conditioning.

  • The shelter site would include mobile bathing and restroom facilities, 24-hour security, and access to the City’s social services.

When permanent housing is unavailable, shelter cabins can offer dignity, build stability, and provide a bridge from homelessness to permanent housing.

RescueSF is working on a proposal for the City to conduct a pilot of interim shelter cabins. We will keep you posted on our progress.


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