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Support for "Al Place for All" Legislation

Dear Neighborhood Leaders, “A Place for All” legislation, sponsored by Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, provides a platform for ending street sleeping. It will be heard on Wednesday, April 21 at the Budget & Finance Committee (Haney, Mar, Safai). Our goal is visible resident support to get the legislation voted out of committee and on its way to the Board of Supervisors. What “A Place for All” proposes is simple yet fundamental.

  • Establish a policy that San Francisco will shelter all who will accept it

  • Develop a plan to implement this policy via a network of safe sleeping sites to host all those who want a safe place to sleep off-street -- ​including an estimate of unhoused persons needing shelter, potential site locations, and cost estimates

Why A Place for All? Safe sleeping sites operating for nearly one year are a proven model. They now host approximately 300 people who now have safety, stability, and support services - a key step on their path out of homelessness (more info below.) Shelter-In-Place hotel occupants have priority for housing. Meanwhile, those on our streets slide further into chronic homelessness. Where will these sites be located? To host 100 individuals, the City will need large tracts of vacant land (roughly more than 1/4 of a city block.) These large sites typically are not located close to residential housing or shopping districts. In addition, the City is required to reach out to neighbors, hold an informational hearing, and address their concerns.

Please support “A Place for All” by taking action

  • Cut & paste this template into your email and send to SF supervisors today

  • Forward this email to your friends & colleagues - asking them to help lobby our supervisors.

  • Sign up to speak at the April 21 public hearing by emailing

  • ​Join us to hear from Lena Miller of Urban Alchemy on Tuesday, April 13 from 12pm - 1pm. Register Here. Lena Miller, CEO of Urban Alchemy, has opened and run many shelters - including the pilot Fulton Street Safe Sleeping Village and the Balboa Park Vehicle Triage Center. She’ll give first-hand experience about how Safe Sleeping Sites operate and their track record in getting individuals on a path out of homelessness. You’re welcome to invite other members of your organization to attend.

To Learn More

"A Place for All" can have a significant impact on street homelessness. Please help us get it approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Thank you for your support! ~ RescueSF Mark, Lori, Carolyn, and Marlayne


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