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Public Comment Instructions



Thank you for giving public comment.  Your voice matters!


To watch online, go to SFGovTV.




IN-PERSON: If you are in the Supervisors’ Chambers or Committee Meeting Room, when the Clerk opens public comment, join the line to give comment.  The “live” speakers in the chambers will go first.  See below the public comment template.


REMOTE: If you are watching the live stream of the hearing on SFGovTV, give public comment over the phone:

  • Dial 415-655-0001 

  • At the prompt enter this Meeting ID: 2594 621 1779, then press # # to join the conference line.  

  • When the Clerk opens Public Comment, press * 3 on your keypad to join the queue to give public comment (see sample comments below).



Shorter is better.  Public comment will be limited to one to two minutes (depending on the number of commenters).


“Good morning/ afternoon Committee Chair Ronen and Supervisors Mandelman and Walton: 


My name is [your name].  I [add your personal details e.g, “live in xxx neighborhood or  District xx”  … “I am active with xxxx organization.”  … “I own/work at a business in xxxx commercial district”.]  


Serious Mental Illness (SMI) among those unhoused is tragic and addressable.  That's why I support CARE Court, an innovative program to get those with serious mental illness into effective treatment.  With nearly 800 unhoused people estimated to have a serious mental illness, I urge you to expand community-based residential treatment for CARE Court placements.  Community-based residential treatment helps individuals with SMI continue their medication and re-learn the skills needed to live independently.  


I personally have seen individuals in my community in psychosis and cycling in and out of the ER.  Let's stop the cycling by having Care Plans that provide a continuum of residential care. I urge you to implement this approach to enable individuals in crisis to get stabilized, transitioned to structured residential treatment, and then to independent group homes.  The state of California is providing more funds to pay for housing and treatment for the CARE Court process.  Stop the expensive & ineffective cycling in and out of the hospital. 


Thank you."

After you complete your statement, please hang up your phone.  You can continue watching the hearing via SFGovTV.

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