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Thank You For Supporting RescueSF

Donations to RescueSF are tax-deductible. To avoid processing fees for larger donations, please consider sending your contribution via check or electronic funds transfer.  Our fiscal sponsor is Legacy Global Programs (Federal EIN # 20-8099462).

Make Checks Payable and Send To:


Legacy Global Programs

4435 E. Holmes Ave.

Suite 200

Mesa, AZ 85206


Memo on Check:  

For Benefit of ​RescueSF

Please contact us at for account and routing information. *

Donate by Check
Donate by EBT *

* Please include the following to Legacy when making a donation by transfer or securities so that we can issue a receipt:

  • Name of the person or entity making the donation

  • Date the donation was made

  • Where to send the receipt (email address or mailing address)

  • Donation Amount

  • Name of your fund


As the banks often have limited memos and hard-to-read descriptions, this will help our team know which fund (RescueSF) your donation is supporting as well as provide information Legacy needs to send your receipt.


We are happy to answer any questions about cash donations. Please call us at (602) 704-3000 or email us at


Legacy Global Programs is a member of the Legacy Global Family.


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